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Whitehorse Self Storage

Just off Pennsylvania Route 23
651 S 2nd Ave,
Phoenixville, PA 19460
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4 Stars - 5 Reviews
Rodent issue in locked unit.
Jim Laman
June 27, 2018
I just had my vehicle stored in a closed unit at Whitehorse Self Storage for the winter. After picking the car up, the check engine light was on because of rodent damage to the wiring system in the car. After contacting the owner about the cost of the repair, he apologized but reminded me that I am responsible for my own property. Cannot recommend this facility.
Reply from Manager on June 28, 2018
I'm sorry to hear that Me. Lamen experienced car trouble after he moved out. At his request, we provided an extension cord to keep his battery charged while in storage. He routinely checked his car.I do apologize for any inconvenience Mr. Lamen experienced during his stay with us.
Excellent storage facilty
Bob Lightcap
May 29, 2018
Staff was very helpful, units and location clean and secure. Overall very pleasant experience to rent here.
Reply from Manager on June 28, 2018
Thank you.
it was great for what we needed
Not a return customer
September 8, 2017
Im only giving it 3 stars due to the owner. we were happy with our experience till we decided to leave. we had the unit till the middle of the month. We were done with it by the first week. we told him we would drop the key off and when we did not ,in the time frame he expected, he cut the lock..mind you we had 2 and a half weeks left of PAID time to use the unit. When we came in on the 7th..To return the key, that actually did not need to be returned till the 18th, he was beyond rude...He wanted to show the unit and when he could not he cut the lock...A unit that was still ours !! I could not understand his nasty demeanor, it seemed as though we were being very cordial, in that we vacated, left it the way we found it, and did not care if he rented it, while CONTRACTUALLY, it was still ours to use. Maybe he was having a bad day..His poor wife feels the brunt of his wrath.
Reply from Manager on September 8, 2017
There was no malice intended on my part. If I seemed rude, it was unintentional. I stated I had removed his lock because I thought he had forgotten to after he had moved out two days earlier as he said. I actually had spoken to his wife earlier in the day when she asked to park their car at the storage facility while work was being done at their house. I apologize for my miscommunication.
Terry Moonan
May 18, 2016
Really friendly staff! Exact size unit I needed ( actually smaller then I thought I needed). Will use them again!
Patty Bell
February 1, 2016
I have rented a 10x10 unit at this facility several times. Staff always very helpful and units are nice & clean.
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